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Project Proposal 2017

Proposal of the projects during visit to India for 2017

I am visiting India from February 27th 2017 to April 5th 2017.

Mr. Raju Charles, Teach International, is also visiting India in the month of February – March 2017.

DANRIA’s aim is to help poor Dalits for education by establishing computer centers, evening coaching centers and Sewing center for women to get rid of manual scavenging. DANRIA is collaborating with IIDEA to run these centers. 

DANRIA’s plan:

1-    Establish three computer centers with evening coaching centers and one sewing center in UP, India in 2017.

2-    Provide extended help to Mr. Mahesh Prasad Balmiki to whom DANRIA already helped via providing Rs.80k in 2016.

Computer center in dalit hostel, at Meerut, UP:

This Hostel is run by Dr. Ambedkar Shoshit Samaj Shiksha Prashar Samiti, Meerut, UP., under supervision of Mr. Jaipal Singh, Retired, Joint Commissioner, of UP Cadre. Mr. Jaipal Singh is currently holding position as President of IIDEA, Central Committee, Delhi. This hostel have 17 functional room where about 30 students are living & getting free food, books, stationary and any  tuition fee support. These students go for education in different schools depends upon their need and grade of education. Few students already got their bachelor degrees while living here. Recently five rooms were more added in this hostel in which Mr. Jaipal Singh is willing to establish a computer center as well as a library. To establish Computer Center and Library, this hostel need support about $2000 for computer center and $2000 library.

Why Computer Center is essential: The students who are living in this hostel came from very poor back ground. Most of them are from manual scavengers or manual labor’s families who were not able to go any school. Mr. Jaipal Singh talked with their parents and brought these students in the hostel. He always keep doing this practice to help por kids who are not going to school. This hostel is running from last about 10 years and growing slowly but we do have limitations to take students because of fixed accommodation. In the current education system, computer training is very essential to move forward and look whole world on the screen. If these students need to go for computer training that requires more money and time which is not affordable for the organizers and students. Computer Center in this hostel will provide more confident & develop strong educational background among these poor students.

Why do we need library in this hostel: Hostel organizing Committee is willing to have a library in which we can keep literature?

1-    Related to Dr. Amabedkar which will help students to develop more understanding for ambekarism.

2-    General knowledge books.

3-    Books for competitive examinations.

4-    Old used books will be collected to provide help on time to the needy students in the society.

Budget for Computer Center & library:

1-    Ten computers @ $150 each.                   $1500.00

2-    Ten Chairs with table @ $100.                  $1000.00,

3-    Table & Chair for teacher @200.              $200.00

4-    One AC for computer center @300.         $300.00

5-    Miscellaneous expenditure.                      $300.00

6-    One printer                                                    $150.00

Total =                                                            $3500.00

Recurring help per year: This computer center also need recurring help per year about $1500.00 that will cover part of the teacher’s salary to teach computers, Internet, Stationary, printer ink and any maintenance required.

One New Computer center at Urai and help to established computer center:

Budget for Orai:

1-    Three new monitors @ $100 each                 $300.00

2-    Three new computers @150 each                 $450.00

3-    4 Tables and 6chairs @ $50                            $500.00

4-    One printer @150                                              $150.00

5-    Internet $100 per year                                       $100.00

6-    Stationary and Books @ $200/year                $200.00

7-    Organize a function @ $200/year                   $200.00

Total =                                                                 $1900.00 

One Computer center at Badanyu:

Budget for Badanyu:

Mr. Mahesh Balmiki, Badnyu, who is a village Pradhan, is willing to provide space for computer center and evening coaching center.

1-    Three new computers @150 each                       $450.00

2-    4 Tables and 6chairs @ $50                                  $500.00

3-     Miscellaneous expenditures                                $200.00

Total =                                                                 $1150.00

Sewing center at Urai:

Mr. Bhaggu LAL, Balmiki will be responsible for these centers. He is already taking care for Urai computer center.

Budget for sewing center in Urai:

Five sewing machines @ $100 each = $500.00

Contribution of salary for the teacher = $50/month ($600/year).

Total =            $1100 for the year 2017.

Help to Mr. Mahesh Balmiki, student at IIT, Banaras, UP:

As I mentioned that DANRIA helped him to start his education at IIT by financial support for RS.80K. This student tried to sale his one kidney to continue his education but Mr. Mahesh belongs untouchable manual scavenger community, so no one bought his kidney. DANRIA came forward and helped him.  This year DANRIA is willing to help him via providing a laptop computer or a smart phone which is very essential for him. Our budget is to spend $300 for this project.

Total Budget:

$3500.00       Computer center Meerut Hostel

$1900.00       Urai computer center

$1150.00       Badayun Computer center

$1100.00       Sewing center URai

$300.00          Mahesh Balmiki, IIT Student

$7950.00       Total


IIDEA ( ) and DANRIA are organizing function to educate dalits to start educational programs among dalit communities in Lucknow, Delhi and Punjab. 

1. Contact with Dalit organizations in India to establish programs for funding and write projects for funding.

2. Dr. Bachchu Lal, is currently forming branch of DANRIA to carry on educational movement among Dalits to develop educational Institutions. The objective of this movement will be to collect money in INDIA and spend for Dalits.

3. DANRIA with the help of people in India established atrust: Innovative Institute for the Development and Education for All (IIDEA) (website: ) which will help DANRIA to run DANRIA,s project in India. IIDEA have a central body and office in Delhi at Ambedkar Bhawan, Gali No.3, Wazirabad Village, Delhi 84.  IIDEA also established State branches in: UP, Bihar, Delhi, Rjasthan, M.P., Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Haryana, Chandigarh, Uttrakhand,

4. DANRIA started computer centers for dalits in India: 1) Balmiki Colony, near MMB, Eradat Nagar, Daliganj, Lucknow, UP. 2) One computer center in Saharanpur, UP. Under supervision of Suprabhat Smajik Sanstha  3) Leelmatha, Lucknow, UP. 4) Balmiki Colony, Nirala Nagar, Lucknow, UP.

These computer centers will be for only dalits.




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