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Scholarship Program

Smt. Champa Devi and Shri Swami Gangi Lal Scholarships

Sponsored by Mr. Anand Kumar from Katy, TX in U.S.A., via Dr. Ambedkar NRI Association, Baltimore, MD, USA.
I-IDEA, will help to run the project in INDIA.

These scholarships are in memory Late Smt. Champa Devi and Shri Swami Gangi Lal. Born in a Bhangi family (Dravidian stock, Encyclopedia Britannica), branded as untouchable Hindus had the vision to change their world and that of their future generations through education and self respect. Their determination to live with freedom and equality led them through some tough challenges, even threatening their existence, which for some may be basic human rights such as right to education, right to have pucca house, right to have a profession of choice etc. Smt. Champa Devi was orphaned in childhood and was raised by her brother in poverty whereas Swami ji lost his father in childhood and was raised by his mother.  They fearlessly advocated for breaking irrational traditional customs such as purdah, discrimination between sexes, excessive expenditure on the celebration of festivals, marriages etc. Once they learned about Dr. Ambedkar they became his staunch followers. They knew how to read and write even when education was banned and was a punishable offense for their community. They taught others by their real life examples. Embraced Buddhism on Dr. Ambedkar’s call and lived as Buddhist thereafter.

They believed that education is the gateway to understand the right and wrong and helped with whatever little resources they had their extended family and their brethren in their mission to education and towards a life of self respect. There are several educated and well respected families in Delhi who recall how they were helped.

In continuation of their mission to help families we will award the following two scholarships:

Smt. Champa Devi Scholarship – $ 250:

This will be awarded to a female student of Class 12 who wishes to pursue further studies.

Shri Swami Gangi Lal Scholarship – $ 250

This will be awarded to a male student of Class 12 who wishes to pursue further studies.


The amount of scholarship may be utilized to supplement

  1. the fees to obtain coaching for professional colleges
  2. to pay for college admission fees
  3. purchase of  books/ media for coaching purposes
  4. purchase of computer


In order to qualify for the scholarship individual will have to satisfy the flowing criteria

  1.  Should come from Bhangi or Churha community listed under Scheduled Castes
  2.  The parents or guardians are still engaged in sweeping/ janitorial duties
  3. Write in at least 300 words of their knowledge of Dr. Ambedkar’s life and how he inspires him/her
  4. Write in at least 100 words as to why they wish to pursue higher education.

Please click here to download the Form.

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