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Caste System in India:
Hindu dominated country, India, is big democratic country where people of all the religion live. In the modern life of civilization Hindu religion is still following the old caste system/structure that was established hundreds of years back. Hindus are divided in to two groups:
Group #1 – High caste: Three major castes fall under this group:
1. Brahmin
2. Chatria
3. Vashia.
Group #2 – Lower caste: lower caste people again divided in to two sub-groups:
1. Back-ward class
2. Untouchable class.We will be talking about Untouchable class because the people of this community are most oppressed people in India. Untouchables are also called as Dalits/ Scheduled caste/schedule-tribes. In modern India there are rules established by the Indian government, to protect the rights of Dalits but these rules are not affective because most of the people, who are responsible for law enforcement, belongs high caste. The people of high caste are still making measurable life of Dalits especially in the villages. For example:
1.  Dalits cannot get drinking water from the wells or hand pumps those are used by the high caste people.
2.  Dalits cannot get a cup of tea in the restaurant in common cup.
3.  Dalits need to stand up if any high caste people are passing on the road in the village.
4.  There are still palaces where Dalits cannot ride even on the bicycle in the village.
5.  Dalit students should sit on the back row in the class.
6.  These high caste people cannot touch the Dalits but they can rape dalit women.
7.  In most of the remote villages if Dalits try to live modern life then these high caste people will burn their homes, rape Dalit women and kill them. Under these kind of circumstances, these high caste people become unite and due to there power and terror no one wants to come forward for the witness, so most of the people, who are responsible for these cases, get free from the court.
8.  There many more examples of bad conditions that are existing in India, especially in the villages.
9.  Lot of Dalits migrated in the big cities to have good life but due to economic hard ship they are living in slum areas in very measurable conditions by doing menial jobs.
10.  Among Dalits there is community known as scavenger community, on the basis of by birth, this community people, are the most oppressed due to illiteracy. These scavenger do the menial jobs for their survival.
11.  Most of illiterate women of scavenger community are cleaning dry toilets with there bare hands for there survival and after doing this menial work most of the time they do not get water to take bath as we know that in these developing countries we do have problem of safe drinking water.Our organization is focusing to work for the upliftment of poor Dalit people. We will be focusing on Education and Economic empowerment that are the most effective tool for the upliftment of Dalits.

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